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January 2021

Today’s events


I keep saying I'm shocked but not surprised about today's attempted coup d'état. What a time to be a historian. I see resonances of this event in the Beer Hall Putsch in 1923 and the attempted fascist coup in France on February 6, 1936. I know that democracy will prevail.

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December 2020

The Demon’s Gift


The Demon's Gift is a free novella set in the Willow Locke world. It's been really cool to expand the world of the novel and write in a different style. It's a gritty, noir story featuring a hard-boiled cop struggling to hold onto his sense of morality. I like writing

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Harper Lee and the Furious Hours


At the start of COVID lockdown, I decided to deviate from my normal choice of Sci-fi and Fantasy novels and look into Obama's reading list to find my next book. The one that stood out to me was Furious Hours: Murder, Fraud, and the Last Trial of Harper Lee

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  • Digital Marketing

What is Marketing?


Marketing is such an odd term. If you had told me in High School that my career path would lead to marketing, I would have been so confused and angry with myself. I always considered marketing to mean some conniving, yet still boring, business company that needed to know

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You Need Plottr!


Plottr is a simple program for planning a novel. If you join your local writing group, you will probably here authors talk about "pantsers" vs "plotters." These terms mean that some people prefer to sit down and write by the seat of their pants and let the novel take them

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Thoughts On Structure


I do all of the layout and art for Emerald Books, but I'm also a writer. I am working on my third novel in a series and it can feel like driving in a snowstorm with no headlights. I often don't know where my characters are going but I have

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March 2020

Unbreakable is on sale again!


Our top-selling thriller, Unbreakable, is only 99 cents this week! Check out the promotion here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07YYDWRKN

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Did you know Emerald ebooks are available everywhere?


Emerald ebooks are available everywhere. Don't own a kindle? no problem. Search for your favorite Emerald ebooks using any service: apple, google, kobo, etc. Here's the link to buy Bird by Kim Wilson on apple books. https://books.apple.com/us/book/bird/id1501592003

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The Threat of Angeals Book 1: Crucibles of Power


We're proud to introduce a compelling new fantasy series by author C. T. Fitzgerald: The Threat of Angeals Book 1: Crucibles of Power Read the First Chapter The world is young, dark, and rough. The bright light of civilization illuminates the highly advanced Island Nation of Athlan, a country of

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February 2020

The simplest way to finish your novel


This boils down to one all-important idea. Just write every day. Don't set a time or a goal for number of pages. Just commit to opening that file and not multitasking. Some days you might write for an hour, somedays you might write for just a few minutes, but writing

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