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We can connect you with the right editor for you. Jessica Hammerman, our lead editor, has worked with hundreds of manuscripts, including historical fiction, sci-fi, memoirs, and academic works.

Editing Services

Prices for editing are in-line with our partners at Cup and Quill. For more services, such as writing coaching, ghostwriting and more, visit their page:

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Single Quill Edit

4 cents/word $125 minimum

A single quill edit is ideal for writers who know their work needs further revision but don’t know where to focus their attention. It includes one round of content editing and suggestions for revision, followed by a final proofread to make sure your manuscript is perfect and ready for publication.

Double Quill Edit

6 cents/word $225 minimum

Includes a single quill edit plus a second reading of the manuscript after the writer has completed a post-single-quill round of revision. The process is completed with a final proofread which makes sure your manuscript is perfect and ready for publication.

Triple Quill Package

8 cents/word minimum $375

This process starts with a developmental edit. This is a high-level read with structural and creative feedback. You’ll get a sense of exactly how your readers will experience your book and gain a sense of direction for revisions. Then you and your editor will work through three rounds of changes, to meet this creative vision. Finally, the process concludes with a proofread, so that your manuscript is perfect, free of errors, and ready for publication.

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