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Andrew Lewis Jameson

Author Profile

Andrew Lewis Jameson

Andrew “Andy” Jameson was born and raised in northern Minnesota.

While raising his children, he became aware of a troubling dynamic of life on their reservation. When young people came into their “eighteen money,” the proceeds from the community’s casino, their lives often changed drastically. Too many of these young Native people made choices that led them to jail, rehabilitation, even death.

Also troubling, Jameson saw that many local townspeople became social predators. They lured their Native friends away from their traditions down a path of destruction while exploiting their newfound wealth.

Jameson knew that the answer to recovery for these young Native people was to reconnect with their culture, language, and heritage.

A teacher by trade, Jameson’s decades-long dream was to write a work of fiction. Here Stands a Warrior is his first novel.

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Here Stands A Warrior

Losing your best friend is agonizing. It’s even worse when you suspect an old friend has murdered him.From birth, Dominic Rabideux has battled addiction, abandonment, and racism. When he turns 18, he receives an enormous fortune. Soon he is living like a rock star, his world filled with drugs, limousines, parties and women. But Dominic’s inner demons arise, and his life spirals quickly out of control. Eventually he is faced with the possibility of a criminal trial. He is given a tough choice: enlist in the military or risk going to prison. Craving spiritual wholeness, Dominic meets a holy man, who foretells in a vision that he will become a great warrior. Dominic scoffs at the prophecy. But three years later on a remote mountaintop in Afghanistan, he is on a night patrol. Hopelessly outgunned and outnumbered, he and his fellow American soldiers are in a deadly firefight. They need a warrior to lead them back to safety. When Dominic returns to the Reservation, he is still in combat, this time with an invisible enemy that threatens to finish him: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Again, his world is chaos until a violent incident forces him to re-examine his priorities. But he knows he can only truly heal once he confronts his best friend’s killer. If you like action, heartbreak, and a deeply American story, you will love Andrew Lewis Jameson’s Here Stands a Warrior.

ISBN-13: 979-8654572257