Persephone Chamber Ensemble


This is a chamber orchestra ensemble in the bay area. We were thrilled to support the arts and this wonderful musical non-profit with our design work. We also loved the imagery and the connection to ancient Greek mythology. Persephone was a beautiful woman who became the Queen of the underworld. She sealed her marriage to [...]

Vector Remote Care


Vector Remote Care is an innovative local company committed to improving cardiac monitoring for patients with pacemakers. They've created an application for remote monitoring that helps connect patients and doctors and helps ensure rapid response when patients are in need. The site was designed to offer resources for patients as well as doctors and clinics. [...]

1859 Oregon’s Magazine Website


1859 is a great local magazine with hundreds of stories about life in the state of Oregon. For this project we needed a site that could organize all of the content and make it fun for the reader to find stories that suit their interest. With an archive stretching back to 2009, it was important [...]