We are so proud of the Bend Language Institute and its founder Christina Cappy. You can check out the site we built for BLI here:

It is incredible to see the spirit of community really transforming local culture. The vision of BLI is really inspiring. To us it emulates the way kids naturally learn language, through experience. The Bend Language Institute offers Yoga Classes in Spanish, And cooking classes in French, Italian, Arabic, Russian, Chinese and Japanese. They are shaking up the traditional classroom model and using innovative methods of teaching that engage all of your senses. The international buffet at the opening party was nothing short of tantalizing, and when Russian instructor Olga Rogers taught everyone to say “I love you” in Russian by changing the words “Yellow Blue Bus” into Russian it was nothing short of magical. We think a lot of people in Bend will come for the food workshops and end up with a lifetime learning goal.

The website is a full e-commerce platform, so you can browse the schedule and enroll online.