I’ve always been dedicated and determined when it comes to learning new things. I made a children’s book called Alexander and Isabel Find a Key for my daughter and then decided it would be fun to learn how to make it into an application for IOS. At the time I had a full time job that wasn’t very creative and my computer was so old it would run the applications I needed to design for IOS, but I was determined. I scavenged an old mac mini and rebuilt it as a separate station for the project, and did all the animation work early in the morning before my job or late at night after dinner. I completed all of the animation and Jessica and I even recorded the characters voices and we finished the story. In the end my system was too old to run the process to get it onto the appstore, but we were able to output the project onto the google play store for android. Here’s a video of some of the interactions I created for the application. I don’t think anyone ever bought the application but learning how to design animation and interactivity was really fun, and knowledge always comes in handy! I have a stack of hard drives in my office that I remove from computers when I’m ready to sell them. One day I’ll take the time to look through them all and see if I can find the project files for this application, then maybe I will release it again!